A pet in the house?

Έχεις ζωάκι στο σπίτι; Κάνε την ζωή σου ευκολότερη

If you have a pet, you are prepared for the responsibilities that come with it, not just for the food, the walk and the… but also for the space you share.
Its configuration must be “pet friendly”, friendly to your four-legged roommate. At the same time, the decoration and the house in general, floors, walls etc. they should not be sacrificed at the altar of this new roommate.
The “key” is the choice of the appropriate materials, both to serve the needs of your animal, as well as your own, not only practical but also aesthetic.


Pick up the expensive carpets

If you have a Persian carpet, which you fear is going to be destroyed by the walks of your dog or cat, then one idea is to highlight it as a work of art and place it where it won’t reach it, such as hanging it on the wall. Just prefer more economical solutions for the floor, which will be elegant but easy to clean.

Avoid carpet covering the entire floor surface

Carpeting tends to absorb smells, trap hair from pets and absorb dirt. Interior decorators find it a really bad idea, since it’s terribly difficult to keep it clean.

We forget the small objects!

Fragile objects do not fit the decoration of a house with a pet. A tail blow or a salsa can lead the pieces of your favorite collection to the garbage bin. If you definitely want a souvenir or other valuables, choose a showcase.

Determine the area

It’s very important the movement of your animal into the house. It should enter the house from a point that will be ideal for taking care of its cleanliness, before it is “spread” on your sofa, carpet or bed. Also, in this space you will keep all the accessories for the ride, such as his leash.

Durable fabrics only

Forget the velvet that can stick all the animal’s hair on it. Prefer pillows and throws of fabric that withstands stains from the feet or smells.

Regularly washed fabrics

This is mainly about your bedroom, where your dog or cat probably shares the same bed or pillow with you. Choose fabrics that can be washed regularly, preferably with patterns.

Wiping a lot.

Even if you can’t easily see the animal’s hair in the house, you should regularly wipe with vacuum cleaner at least twice a week, while there are periods when the coat changes, so you have to deal with it every day.

Create his own view

Both your cat and dog will appreciate the value of a large window, from which they can gaze at the road and observe anything that moves. Of course, you may have to place an auxiliary piece of furniture where it can go up.

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