How to choose the right bed size for your bedroom

The right bed size for you depends on a number of factors: how many will sleep on it, how often it will be used, and the size of your bedroom.
Room size is often overlooked. So how do you know which bed size will comfortably allow?
Personal preference remains important-how much living space you want or need in your bedroom largely depends on your idea of a comfortable room.

1.Get the actual dimensions of your bedroom.
If you don’t know the dimensions of your bedroom, it’s time to brake out a tape measure and get the length, width, and doorframe measurements. It’s also helpful to include dimensions of potential bed space. For example, define the length of the wall you’ll set the bed against. Take into account windows, doorframes, and build-ins that you can’t block, and don’t forget to note the clearance required for doors that swing into the room.

2. Envision different bed sizes in your room.
If you can, block off that space in your room (use whatever you have handy: painter’s tape is great, but four bottles will do the trick).
Getting the perspective on the planned furniture in your actual bedroom, will help you make a better bed size decision.

3. Consider the furniture you have now and purchases you’re planning in the near future.
If you’ve decided that a reading chair, a television console or a bigger dresser is necessary addition in your bedroom, make sure to identify that space as well.
If you’re working with a small space, you might be able to fit a king bed and a dresser against the wall. But will you be able to stand in front of the dresser and open the drawers? A few centimetres added to the width of the of a chest of drawers might require that you change the room layout. Keep future purchases in mind as you consider different bed options.

4. Decide which is more important: a bigger bed or more living space.
If you really want a large bed, but tight living quarters take a king size bed out of the equation, consider a smaller one.

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